The Shores of Long Bayou


It is to your advantage to meet the seller's realtor. Explain the structure of our community. You should have the updated Q&A for your building or villa, the seller should have a certified copy of the Declaration (NOT A PROSPECTUS). Mortgage applications may refer to HOA information. In this circumstance, your  answers ar in reference to YOUR association - not the HOA. All the information you provide will be regarding YOUR ASSOCIATION - whether it's a four unit villa or a 30 unit midrise.It is best to note this on the mortgage application. It will save you a lot of time in the long run.


The Shores of Long Bayou Condominiums

* The Shores of Long Bayou Homeowners’ Association maintains the common areas which include the lakes, ponds, amenities.

* Before signing any documents, realtors or rental agents should check with the building president regarding the sale/lease process and obtain a copy of the rules for that association as well as The HOA handbook.

* The SALE/LEASE application is legal size. Please make sure you have the entire document when you print.
* There is a one-hundred dollar ($100.00) application fee that should be made out to the association. 

Ex. Payable to: The Shores of Long Bayou XXX

* All questionnaires, mortgage requests, or
interrogatories should be directed to the association board of directors (president). The association has the authority to charge a one-hundred dollar fee for this paperwork - Payable to: The Shores of Long Bayou XXX

* After closing, the buyer must present himself/herself to the Homeowners’ Association Manager to update the condo unit information and receive a vehicle decal.

** RENTALS by OWNERS or RENTAL AGENT should be reported to the board of directors before the lease is signed. Tenants receive the amenities from the rental and should be aware of the condominium and Homeowner’s Association rules.


The Shores of Long Bayou is comprised of twenty-two independent condominium associations. The president of that association would be your contact for ALL information. The Shores of Long Bayou manager cannot help you with any unit sales. Each building has its own board of directors that maintains that particular association. ​


Please remember to hand in your parking decal to the manager of the HOA.